via Daily Prompt: Crossing

This morning during my devotions and my study of Hebrews, I had this great idea to expand upon today and as I drove to work the threads of it disappeared.  I guess it wasn’t as great an idea as I thought.  Then I open up to today’s daily prompt….Crossing.  Ironic that my entire blog is about crossing…Crossing the River Tiber as it is often thought of.  My journey to the Catholic faith from being a forever Protestant.  It has been a wonderful journey so far and I foresee it to continue to be forever uplifting and inspirational.

My study lately has been about crossing over as well.  I belong to Bible study that has been doing a topically study on “The Life Eternal.”  Where do we go after death?  What happens?  What are we in store for?  All of these are age old questions and none have ever been answered to those of us who are living but it is a great secret held by those who have already crossed over into the afterlife.  It is the ultimate club where those who belong to it never whisper a bit about it’s secrets or contents or rituals.  You can only join when your life is done here.

What happens to us when we cross over is often speculated on and is the topic of nearly the entire Bible.  There are preparations we have to make here while alive on earth to be welcomed into Club Heaven.  These preparations take our entire lives to do.  Many are simple, pray to God, avoid sinning against God, be kind to each other, love one another, live good, happy, healthy lives.  These simple things are often the most difficult to do as well.  I am good at the promises…I promise to pray, I make a resolution to set aside time for daily devotion, I promise that I won’t gossip about other people anymore and yet I turn around and realize when I look in my prayer journal that it’s been a week since my last prayer to God outside of Mass, I subscribed to a devotional magazine and have yet to open the cover, and when my co-worker does something that I don’t agree with, I’m off on a tirade to another friend.

The promises and preparations I’ve started to make…I’ve unmade just as fast.  We are human and we make mistakes.  God has allowed for those mistakes because He has made us in His image but he has made us imperfect.  He gave us free will so that we can do what we want even if it isn’t what He wants for us.  It’s up to us…it’s up to me to ask for forgiveness, to repent for the things that I have done that aren’t quite up to the standards that God has laid down for me.  I never realized until I crossed over to the Catholic Church just how good it feels to confess my sins and hear the words, “you have been absolved.”  God knows what we are going to do, even before we do it and yet He has given us that hope that as long as we have faith in Him and ask for that forgiveness He will give us another chance..and another so that when that day comes for us to cross over from this world into the next one, the invitation will be there to join His holy sanctuary and be one with him and Jesus.


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