How do I create my own Bible Study?

One place that I would love my blog to one day turn into is a topical Bible study of sorts.  This is funny since when I sat down to being this, I just thought it would be a place for me to share the revelations I uncover as I discover the mysteries of the Catholic faith.  I am a part of a small Bible study group in my church.  We have been working through topical studies of the Bible through a publishing company called Little Rock Scripture Study.  The studies are topical and contain a commentary book which leads you to various parts of scripture and then discusses them (sometimes at great length), a work book of questions for you to answer from the scripture, the commentary or just to reflect on, and finally a DVD of lectures about each weeks reading.  I still don’t get the DVD part, it is usually a person just sitting in a wing chair commenting for 20 minutes about the lesson you just went through.  I personally could do with out the video part of this series and still get as much out of.

After having been apart of this group now for a few months, I am starting to lean towards the idea of conceptualizing and creating my own Bible Study some day.  I am not going to fool myself into thinking that this is something that will happen this year or next year but it could very well be something I could turn into a more fruitful hobby than killing boss monsters in World of Warcraft every Tuesday and Thursday.  I just don’t know how to begin or how to qualify myself for such a task.  I have never been good about reading the Bible and have begun the year with a morning devotion every day, including days that I used to just sit in front of the computer and flip through Facebook while enjoying my coffee.

I know the place to begin is a topic but how do I choose such a thing from the vast ocean of topics in the Bible.  Where do I begin the research if I can come up with a topic.  How do I learn to write something that people would be interested in.  I am a no name.  The people who write these studies are theologians who have studied the Bible for years and years.  I am just someone who is curious and wants to learn and study more.  How do I glean the information from the Bible and put it together in a format for others to understand and to live by.  I suppose I’ve already started this by starting the Bible study.  As I proceed with my group, more things will pop out that interest me to dig deeper and to find that magic topic to dive into.

My daily prayer to God is for Him to lead me where He wants me to go.  So often I just walk away from the path he has put me on because it is hard and full of struggle but one pattern I have seen through out my life is that God puts the Bible in my hands and says “Read this and share it” so may be that is the purpose He is pointing me to.  All I can do is try.  Study and learn about His mysteries so that one day I can be that published commentator.


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