Overwhelmed with Resolution

The first of the year has come and gone and now we are full into the meat of the new year.  Resolutions were made and now we are full into trying to carry out those promises that we have made to ourselves.  Isn’t that exactly what resolutions are?  We make a promise to ourselves that we are going to do something to improve our own life in some way.  I personally have promised myself that I will eat healthier to lose weight (a common and mundane resolution made by millions everywhere).  I have also resolved to study God’s word daily.

Why should that be a resolution?  How better to improve your life than promising yourself and God to devote more time to Him!!  I had my own epiphany over a year ago when I decided to join the Catholic Church which, by itself, has given me a relationship with God that I have never had before. Now I am diving more into the Word of God to learn those things that God needs me to know and wants me to learn from Him.

It is here that I am so overwhelmed.  How do I go about reading the Bible?  It seems like such a simple thing to pick it up and start reading it.  I’ve tried this in the past and I have failed it so miserably.  I get bored…it’s not interesting to read the laws of Moses in Deuteronomy and the rules of the priests in Leviticus.  I suppose that has always been part of my mistake.  I start at the beginning..but isn’t that where we are supposed to start?  Not necessarily.

The 73 books that make up our Bible were all written at different times about different things or from different perspectives.  I have also found reading plans and study guides and all sorts of things that others have used to learn and memorize the verses and glean God’s message for them.  I have also found that plans and guides and mapping and all the other things complicated it greatly as well.  There are times that there is too much information available and this is one of those times.

I started with a Bible study back in September that is a series of topical studies and I have gotten so much out of it.  I have learned that Mary and Mary Magdalene and Elizabeth weren’t the only women in the New Testament but that there were a myriad of women who followed and supported Christ in His ministry.  The past three months I have experienced the wonder of learning about Heaven…the afterlife….Life Eternal.  This particular study has put my mind and heart at even more rest that my parents are in a good place and are happy.

Next we are going to dive into the Spirituality of Paul.  This one will be a great challenge since I have not gotten past Deuteronomy to read Paul’s letters but this is the type of thing were I have resolved myself to go.  I’m learning more each day and learning to pray more which has helped me with my last resolution of the new year…to let things go.  I’m able to let the petty hurts and irritations go more readily because I’m learning to turn them over to God in prayer.

Resolutions are fun to make and overwhelming to keep.  Now here I am cheering myself on after only two weeks but I already am feeling the improvement of myself.  I think the most important thing to remember is that our resolutions are promises..we’ve made them to ourselves and we are worth keeping them just as a promise made to child should never be broken.  Look at is as we are the children of God and we shouldn’t break our promises but remain resolute.


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