GPS – God’s Positioning System

The Word of God.  It’s a great way to describe the Bible.  It’s a interesting phrase though.  Think about it.  Here we are in 2017.  One thousand, nine hundred, eighty-four years after the death of Christ.  Countless eons since Adam and Eve walked hand-in-hand in the garden of Eden with the Lord.  Do we have God walking beside us?  Does he sit down with coffee and strike up a “how was your day” conversation with you?  Probably not in the way that you would with your spouse or your parent, but we can hear His word.  God’s Word, The Word of God.  The Bible is how God speaks to us and it is up to us to start the conversation by opening the book.

Years ago I had a youth minister teach me that when you are down or struggling and need direction from the Lord and you can’t seem to hear the answers to your prayers, pick up the Bible and open it randomly and read the first passage your eyes rest upon.  The answer to you prayer will be there.  And usually it was and still is except those times it told me what I didn’t want to hear.  Then I would repeat the process and there would be another variation of the same response I didn’t want to hear.  I started to put aside the Word of God and stopped using it.

I have spent many years lost because I chose to walk without the Lord’s guidance.  God is the best GPS in the world because when you are with Him you are never lost but when you go to walk your own path, there are stumbling blocks and brambles and deep ravines that can’t be crossed.  This is God guiding you even when you are resisting it.  He puts those trials in front of you so that you will turn back to Him and find your way again.

Once you are on the path that God has put down for you, the struggle and strife seem to be tolerable or not even there.  We all get lost but God finds us and forgives us for our own stubbornness and holds our hands again to keep us together.




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